E’ da qualche mese che sono rientrata a Livigno. Non è così facile. A volte mi sento soffocare. Per il momento è ok. E’ importante stare qui ora. Sto capendo tante cose. Mi serve stare a contatto forte con le radici ora. La mia terra, il mio paese, la mia gente, il mio passato, il mio presente qua. Per il momento non me ne posso andare. Stanno nascendo delle consapevolezze troppo importanti per scappare.

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I thought that the marathons depend on the training but really how you get up in the morning. And so the morning in Berlin I woke up fucking well. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled sweetly.

It was a great race. I’m happy with myself. The marathon filled me with happiness. It is a race with yourself only and it teaches always something. It does not give you a happiness that lasts two days. It remains in the memories of your body and your soul and your mind.

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Sono da poco tornata dalla Valle Antigorio. Nord Italia. Alto Piemonte. Una valle molto verde e bella, insieme alla Val Formazza. Con maestose cascate. Baite di sassi e ripidi boschi. Ho lavorato per un mese in un azienda agricola occupandomi di mungitura, aiuto nel fare recinti elettrici, fieno, spostamento bestiame, pulizia stalla, aiuto nella lavorazione del formaggio.

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Running with my little EMILIE in mama heart

During the summer months I did not train well for the marathon. Always pain in my stomach. After giving birth they say it takes one year for the woman’s body to return to normal. Only in the last month in Norway I finally started to feel good and train well.

The Marathon. Good. No stomach ache. There were no reasons to stop. Anger in the legs. The pain and sadness present. I always run with a lot of people and great support. Emilie is with me for all the race giving me strenght and support. And also the big bro is giving me power by following me online.

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On the 7th of April my Emilie was born. Unfortunately, it was a birth of those there are no weeping, there are no movements. A painful experience but still, in its pain, full of emotions. I could touch and hold in my arms the wonder who was moving in my belly like a fish in the sea, the one I was talking to and with whom I had created a connection. I had the thrill of feeling a mother, I heard how much love there is already in the relationship with a daughter. Continue reading



It was great to be in Rome last May, again all together for the Jubilee, after the year 2000, with all the Giacomelli family. Here to celebrate our great grandmother Domenica 85th birthday. Beautiful. Good atmosphere and good company. Here are some pics.

How many pilgrims in the Vatican City. A great emotion to see St. Peter’s square crowded with people from all over the world. And see the Pope who still represents our original religion. For the first time I saw the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo’s great job made me cry. Continue reading


20160621_103913E’ viva l’acqua che scorre. E’ vivo il vento che soffia. Sono vive le onde che sbattono sugli scogli. Sono vive le migliaia di insetti che abitano sotto i nostri piedi, nel sottosuolo. E’ vivo il sole che porta luce e nutrimento. Sono vive le rocce e le montagne. E’ viva l’erba che si muove nel vento. Come sono vivi gli alberi che ci danno ossigeno. C’è vita nelle foglie e nelle piante. C’è vita nella sabbia, nella terra, nelle rocce.

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