Nuovo sito. New website

Screenshot_2015-08-16-00-16-08Damn is more than a month since I have not been inspiration. As the book I’m reading now in which Goldman has the writer’s block. “The truth about the Harry Quebert affair”. A bomb. I can not take my eyes off of this book. It’s pretty cool.

Here’s the new website. Change! A first phase of the change. How nice it is finally! As I like everything nice organized. Thanks to Lorenz who helped me. After Myanmar I got rid of Facebook. I managed to find an ideal platform to share photos and thoughts: here. Superb!
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All’alba dei Trenta. Dawn of the Thirty

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.57.41At the dawn of the Thirty Years. I reorganized the photos of my last ten years of my life. It’s a big job that I have always avoided, postponed, forgotten. But nothing to do. Sooner or later I would have had to do it. And so it was.

Lots of pictures. Travel, study, precious friendships, work, events and marketing projects, pieces of life that I bring in my heart. Well these days have been intense. Full of wonderful memories. And I had thrown myself into another dimension. In my mind a succession of moments, situations, people. Wow. In a few hours I remembered places, many faces, adventures, satisfaction, fun.

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Italian Beauty. Bellezza Italiana

Food-italiaNonostante abbia studiato marketing e me ne sia occupata negli ultimi anni..questo blog non segue le sue regole. Segue la regola del cuore (se proprio credi ancora nel romanticismo e nell’amore) o meglio ancora del “quando mi viene l’ispirazione scrivo”. Spero che le mie conoscenze di marketing mi possano servire in futuro per qualche progetto umanitario e sociale piuttosto che per promuovere aziende capitalistiche occidentali. Vedremo. Continue reading

Sii acqua amico mio. Be water my friend

Schermata 2015-06-23 alle 21.40.55I just find it hard to start this blog…

I have a habit of silence when I have too many things to say and too much of the heart . (Guido Gozzano)

I have just returned from 9 days in Nepal … very few . Very few in this country . Too few but super intense . It ‘ been a wonderful journey . Here are photos with comments attached: Mustang Tour and Kathmandu.

I like to travel alone . Alone is possible to encounter many people. Alone is a good way to learn more and more about yourself . Alone is to trust your intuition , your instincts , your heart . Alone is to do whatever the fuck you want.

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